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Bexton Meboliv Syrup Liver Tonic Pet Healthcare Herbal Supplement For Cat & Dog 100ml (Ubat Herba Jagaan Hati Anjing Kucing)
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Liver is the vital organ of the body which ensures detoxification and regulates numerous metabolic processes.
MEBOLIV AFS SYRUP is scientifically balanced herbal syrup designed for pets not only to help early recovery from liver dysfunction but also to protect liver against any potential damage.

  • for quick recovery from any illness, anaemia, malnutrition, inappetence, anorexia, debility and general weakness to promote growth
  • to promote growth and body weight gain
  • to protect and overcome damaging effects of anthelmintics, antibiotics and other chemical drugs on liver and wellness



  • diffuse diseases of the liver, infective or chronic hepatitis, jaundice, enlarged or fatty liver, liver cirrhosis etc
  • adjuvant in the management of canine and feline viral hepatitis, distemper and parvovirus infection
  • as a growth promoter and metabolic stimulant
  • as supportive therapy in post operative care
  • loss of appetite, anorexia, debility and general weakness
  • during convalescence after any disease to promote recuperation process
  • liver damage or dysfunction by anthelmintics, antibiotics and other chemical drugs, environmental chemicals, food preservatives etc



  • andrographis paniculata, enclipta elba, phyllanthus niruri



  • kItten / cat : 5ml to 8ml
  • puppy / small dog ( < 5kg) : 5ml to 8ml
  • dog ( > 5kg) : 10ml to 15ml
  • to be given twice a day for 10 days continously or more as per required, depending on the severity of the conditions until symptoms subsides


CATEGORY : renal and liver, digestion


SOURCE : India


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