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Bio-Plus Sicofort Organic Compound Granular Fertilizer 888 1 kg (Baja Organik Bau Kopi Korea)
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Brand Bio-Plus
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Bio-Plus Sicofort Organic Compound 8-8-8 is excellent for use on trees, vegetables, flowers & ornamental gardens. It is a general purpose formula containing the important nutrients needed by most plants which will upgrade the buffer capacity of the soil significantly. It will also enrich the soil by improving the soil condition and promote the growth of root system of the crops.


Advantages :

  • because of the organic matter present in organic fertilizer, soil structure is improved and as a result the soil’s ability to hold onto water and nutrients increases
  • organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter, which helps microbes thrive 
  • organic fertilizer contains carbon as part of its chemical makeup, and it is the carbon, along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that feeds microbes and enables them to make nutrients available for plants in a naturally occurring biological process
  • organic fertilizers do not run off as easily (if at all) and are associated with soil structure
  • organic fertilizer can reduce the need for pesticides and the overall nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium requirements
  • organic fertilizer is more mild and wont plant damage to leaves and roots


Contains : 8-8-8+10Humic+3MgO+TE

Weight : 1 kg (repacking)

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3 reviews
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