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Foliage Organic Fertilizer For Plant Growth & Soil pH Increaser Nutri Humic 4L (Baja Foliar Organik Untuk Tumbesaran Tanaman & Pembetul Tanah)
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NUTRIHUMIC is a natural type of plant growth regulator which is formulated from humic acid and its derivatives, processed from soil of high humus contents. Its humus composition will enhance the uptake of essential nutrients and trace elements through the root system. It is an important supplement for land that are intensively cultivated.


The distinct obvervation after application :  

  • improves plant metabolism, plant growth and development of root system
  • improves the formation of soil aggregates for gases exchange and infiltration
  • improves flowering and fruitset
  • increases the uptake of nutrients and trace elements


Method of application :

  • foliar application : 
    • use 30ml - 40ml in 18 litre water
    • spray at weekly interval
    • can mix with insecticide and fungicide
  • soil drenching
    • apply as soil drench at the rate of 40ml - 50ml per 18 litre water
    • remark : soil drench method is most effective particularly on soil of low humus contents as well as mining lands


** Due to NUTRIHUMIC ability to improve plants' absorption rate, therefore it is recommended to be mixed with herbicide to give better result 

  • use 30ml - 40ml in 18 litre water



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