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Spectra Rooting Powder Plant Hormone 50g (Serbuk Penggalak Akar Hormon Pokok)
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Brand Spectra
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Spectra Rooting Powder is a plant hormone that easy to use for :

  • inducing rooting of plant cuttings
  • increasing the speeds of roots growth
  • encourages fast growth of roots for cuttings and transplanting
  • suitable for promoting roots for all types of plants
  • contains organic matter that stimulates the growth of new roots nutrients
  • easily absorbed through new roots



  1. Wet the bottom parts of stalk that had been cut.
  2. Drip it into rooting powder, so that the root is covered with a thin layer of powder.
  3. Then, plant the covered part into soil.
  4. Make sure that the soil is always moist and keep it in shady place until the roots grows.