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RM14.50 - RM78.50
Speed Lube Premium Quality Lubricant 2T Oil For Brush Cutter Chain Saw (Minyak 2T Mesin Rumput Tebang Pokok Berkualiti)
Price RM14.50 - RM78.50
Product SKU product-1577510117927
Brand Speed Lube
Points Needed 145
Availability In Stock
  • formulated with highly refined basestocks, along with smokeless additive
  • provide outstanding protection again piston scuffing, bearing wear, ring sticking and rust
  • to be used in both oil-injected engines as well as those where the oil is mixed with fuel



  • resistant to piston sciffing and ring sticking
  • provide rust and corrosion protection
  • minimizes engine deposits and port plugging
  • mix readily with gasoline
  • dyed blue for easy identification
  • provide maximum lubrication 
  • good thermal stability
  • maintain engine cleanliness