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Bexton Immuplus Syrup Optimum Immune System Pet Healthcare Herbal Supplement For Cat & Dog 100ml (Ubat Herba Kesihatan Anjing Kucing)
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IMMUPLUS AFS SYRUP is highly recommended for optimum body resistance that specially formulated for feline (cat) and canine (dog). 



  • potentiates the effect of acaricides antibioatics for faster and complete recovery without recurrence
  • highly recommended for kitten and puppy



  • to maintain normal immune system function and strong defenses
  • to optimize vaccinal responses with different vaccines such as canine distemper, feline leukemia
  • to maintain immune status with unavoidable prolonged use of corticosteroids in arthritis respiratory and skin condition
  • early recovery from viral and bacterial infections and diaseases



  • ocimum sactum, withania ashwangandha, tinospora cordiolia, phyllantus emblica



  • kItten / cat : 1ml to 2ml
  • puppy / small dog ( < 5kg) : 1ml to 2ml
  • dog ( > 5kg) : 5ml to 10ml
  • to be given twice a day for 10 days continously or more as per required


CATEGORY : immune system, early recovery


SOURCE : India 


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