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Fertilizer Baba Mr Ganick Neem Cake Enhanced Formulation 1kg
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Baba Mr Ganick Neem Cake Enhanced Formulation

  • Mr Ganick Neem Cake Enhanced Formulation is a non-toxic organic fertilizer with systemic pest prevention content. 
  • It contains 90% high organic matter, suitable for all types of plants / crops.
  • The high content of organic matter ensures the soil softness and provides nutrients to minimal nutrient loss.
  • Its natural pesticides content can hinder the growth of pathogenic soil fungus, inhibit parasitic nematodes.
  • It can be absorbed through root system to build plant defence system.
  • It can provide essential nutrition for crop after it has been broken down.
  • It can soften the soil after long term application.
  • It is non-toxic and safe for home garden and farm use.
  • OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed for organic use
  • Compliant with American NOP Standard (NO 4410 CE)
  • Compliant European Organic Regulation (EC 834/2007)



  • Content: 1kg
  • Nutrients with ratio of NPK = 5: 1 : 1
  • Target Area : Organic fertilizer with systemic pest prevention
  • Major ingredients :  Neem cake enhances with fabaceae seed cake
  • Usage instruction : Apply Neem Cake on farm land and cover with soil



  • Fruit Trees (pre-harvest & post harvest) :
  • 2kg - 4kg each tree 
  • Short or mid term crops (vegetables, corn, paddy, sugarcane, watermelon) (during land preparation & before flowering) :
  • 500g - 1kg per 100 sq ft
  • Potted plants (usual fertilizing : every week once) :
  • 5g - 10g per 12cm - 15cm pot





How is Neem Cake Made ? 



Stage 1 : Neem Tree (flowering & fruiting process)



Stage 2 : Neem Tree Seed



Stage 3 : Neem Oil (Seeds are dried, oil extration process)



Stage 4 : Neem Cake (residue)