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Control Up Faster Absorption Weed Killer Herbicide Glyphosate 41% 1L 4L (Racun Rumput Lalang Likat Mati Akar Tahan Lama)
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Price RM25.00 - RM68.00
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Brand Zeenex
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  • concentrated glyphosate-isopropylammonium (41%) 
  • better quality with faster absorption 
  • weed killer that suitable for home garden, factory and plantation
  • take approximately 3 - 5 days to kill the weed until the roots
  • weed may only regrow after 2 - 3 months depend of weather 
  • dilution method may vary with different crops
  • dilution guidance is attached with the product label



  • normal short grass : 150ml + 20 litre water
  • thicker longer grass : 200ml - 250ml + 20 litre water
  • spray during hot weather or after few hours of raining
  • spray 2 - 3 feets distance from plantation trees to avoid any effect
  • repeat spraying if raining happened within 5 hours of spraying 
  • recommended to mix with VIPAX to kill durable weed such as "rumput sambau" & "rumput kerbau"
  • recommended to mix with ELLYTECH to kill round shape leaves or small branches plant


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10 reviews
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